Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones and “Bad Girl”

Our Cadillac restoration history dates back to 1984 when FEN Enterprises was formed. 1955-Cadillac-Rolling-Stones-CPR1What began as a small parts and supplies retail business quickly expanded into restoration. One of our very first projects was a quite challenging 1955 Cadillac Eldorado that we named “Bad Girl” due to the difficulties she gave our team.

Little did we know but that 1955 Eldorado became the most widely publicized car of its kind due not only to the awards it earned but also because of some Rock and Roll band you may have heard of. They’re led by a chap named Mick Jagger and go by the name 1955-Cadillac-Rolling-Stones-CPR3“Rolling Stones.”

The kick off  of their 1997 Bridges to Babylon world tour was an elaborate affair. MTV televised it live across the world and the Brooklyn Bridge was closed down entirely so Jagger could chauffeur his band mates across the bridge while filmed live by helicopter.

An iconic band, an iconic landmark and a world tour kickoff needed just the right car for the event and they chose our 1955 Cadillac Eldorado, “Bad Girl.” Bright red with gleaming chrome, she was the perfect choice and nearly stole the show from the Hall of Fame rockers.

Although that was twenty years ago, it remains fresh in our memories and a story to be told with great pride. Our team now operates as Cadillac Parts & Restoration but we continue our tradition of producing the world’s finest examples of restored Cadillacs.


Elsa Mauer, “The Cadillac Queen” in her 1955 Cadillac Eldorado, aka “Bad Girl”


Feature Articles About the CPR Team

We’ve served the Cadillac restoration community since 1984 (FEN Enterprises) and have earned our reputation as one of the finest restorers in the world. Throughout the years,


Elsa Mauer Nicodemus – “The Cadillac Queen”

we’ve gained some wonderful recognition including feature articles in prominent industry and lifestyle publications.

Hudson Valley magazine featured our founder, Elsa Mauer Nicodemus, in an article dubbing her as “The Cadillac Queen.” Read the article about her classic Cadillac restoration history.

Hemmings Motor News (HMN) has written multiple articles about our Cadillac restoration team including this fabulous story from our “FEN” days.

Although our team now operates under Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR) our commitment remains to produce the worlds’ finest restored Cadillacs. If you are considering restoring your classic car, we’d be happy to discuss how we can help. Call us at (845) 462-5959 – we’ve had the same telephone number for over thirty years.


From humble beginnings…

When formed in 1984 by Elsa Mauer Nicodemus, FEN Enterprises operated out of a spare room in a 1740’s farmhouse. Although the primary business activity was selling parts and cadillac-parts-restoration-fbrestoration supplies to classic Cadillac owners, there was an opportunity to expand into the hands-on business of restoring the old cars.

It didn’t take long for FEN to establish a reputation as a premier restorer and the company flourished. It’s completed projects won many major awards and earned plenty of attention from media and news outlets.

Today, the team operates under the Cadillac Parts & Restoration name and continues to produce award-winning examples of restored Cadillacs. Their new restoration facility is located in Poughkeepsie, NY and can be reached for restoration inquiries by calling (845) 462-5959.

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Since 1984, led by Elsa Mauer Nicodemus

Founded in 1984 by owner & President Elsa Mauer Nicodemus, FEN Enterprises grew quickly and it didn’t take long before the classic Cadillac restoration specialist earned a reputation as one of the finest restorers in the world. Now leading the same team with Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR), Elsa continues to sit atop the male-dominated industry.

CPR’s new restoration facility is located in Poughkeepsie, NY. Learn more about their classic Cadillac restoration projects.



The Queen of Cadillac Restoration

Like all automotive-related fields, classic car restoration is a male-dominated industry. The ranks of women working in the niche’s technical end are quite small and there are even fewer women owners of restoration companies.

In New York State however, one woman has been at the very top of the industry since 1984. Elsa Mauer Nicodemus has been running the most renowned team of Cadillac restorers in the world. Beginning with her first company, FEN Enterprises, and now with newly-formed Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR), she continues her tradition of producing the finest restored Cadillacs.

While her former company was still operating, acclaimed arts & culture magazine Hudson Valley ran a feature story on her and her Cadillac restoration company. They were so impressed that they dubbed her the “Cadillac Queen”.


Meet our owner, the “Cadillac Queen”

After thirty years of leading the foremost Cadillac restoration company, you’re bound to get a lot of attention and press coverage. None, perhaps, was as flattering as a feature article published by arts & culture magazine Hudson Valley. Along with a very flattering story about our owner Elsa Mauer Nicodemus and her business, the heralded periodical dubbed her the “Cadillac Queen.”

Her longtime employees and customers would agree. Read the article and learn more.