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Award-Winning 1959 Cadillac Restoration Project

CPR’s 1959 Cadillac Restoration Project Wins Again

When it comes to classic cars and their restoration, nothing drives decision-making more than sentimental value and Cadillac Parts & Restoration’s (CPR) 1959 Cadillac restoration project is a perfect example.

1959 Cadillac restoration

1959 Cadillac restoration by CPR

Passed on from father to son, this collectible car with its iconic tail fins was meticulously maintained by its original owner and that care continued on when his son took possession. In fact the car survived almost 60 years and when it arrived at CPR only partial restoration was necessary.

New paint and interior, engine compartment restoration and other work was performed and when this 1959 Cadillac restoration project was completed, she was a stunner that turned heads everywhere it went.

Among its stops were prestigious classic car shows including those held by the Antique Automobile Club of America and the Cadillac & LaSalle Club as well as numerous concours level events.

Judging at the above-listed events is extensive but none are as stringent as the inspection performed by the expert judges of the Cadillac LaSalle Club at their annual Grand National Meet. This year’s event was held in McLean, VA and attracted Cadillac owners and their cars from around North America.

This is the premier classic Cadillac event in the world and for Cadillac restoration providers, it is the testing ground for their work. As usual, Cadillac Parts & Restoration

Cadillac restoration

Restored 1959 Cadillac

was there with a large contingent of their restored Cadillacs. Among them was this white 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and, throughout the day of show, it attracted large crowds of admirers.
Following the show day on Saturday and when the judging is completed and scores totaled, owners and attendees sit down for a week-ending awards banquet celebrating the event. However, the highlight of the banquet for most is the presentation of awards. Among the award recipients was the proud owner of the PR-restored 1959 Cadillac that was recognized with the distinguished “Senior” award designation in its class.

It’s mostly outstanding original Cadillacs and full restoration projects that earn enough points for “Senior” status and it’s a testimony to both the lifelong care provided and the restoration skills of the CPR team that this car earned such esteemed status.

The Cadillac Restoration Specialists

CPR has a long history of success at the Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National Meet and those interested can visit their website to view some of their completed classic Cadillac restoration projects. Cadillac Restoration

Cadillac Parts & Restoration is located in New York State’s historic Hudson Valley. It’s Poughkeepsie location is convenient to road and rail travel from New York City and points south as well as New England and points north. Cadillac owners considering either a full or a partial restoration should call them at (845) 462-5959.


Another Big Award for Cadillac Parts & Restoration

The annual Cadillac & LaSalle Club (CLC) Grand National Meet is the most important and most prestigious gathering of aficionados of America’s premier luxury automobile. The CLC is a world wide organization dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Cadillac marquis and its membership list takes its mission quite seriously.

The annual event rotates to different locations every year and the 2017 Grand National was held in McLean, VA, a suburb of Washington, D.C.. Classic Cadillac owners drove or transported their vehicles from points across the United States with there being a healthy international contingent as well.

Among the cars entered for the famously stringent judging was a group that were owned by customers of Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR). The renowned Cadillac restoration provider is a longtime CLC member attends every Grand National meet. Their restored Cadillacs are a regular sight at the events and regularly receive top awards.

Among this year’s CPR contingent was a fully-restored 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. The highly-collectible and iconic car was restored for a longtime customer who is a big fan of big tail fin Cadillacs and this being the third frame-off project completed by CPR.

The Cadillacs of 1959 and 1960 are always among the most popular of all displayed on the show field and throughout “show day” this 1960 Biarritz was well-received by attendees.

Following Saturday’s big show is the awards banquet held that evening. A sold-out and

Cadillac Parts & Restoration

CPR restored 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

over-flowing crowd is guaranteed and guests are treated to a week-ending celebration of the Grand National. Throughout the event, Cadillac Parts & Restoration’s customers were called up to receive their well-earned trophies including the proud owner of this 1960 Eldorado Biarritz whose car earned the prestigious Senior Wreath award in its very competitive class.

Cadillac Parts & Restoration’s roots go back to 1984 and the formation of FEN Enterprises. While the team now operates under the new moniker, their team continues its dedication to the preservation of automotive history at its new Poughkeepsie, NY restoration facility. Visit their website to learn more and be sure to give them a call at (845) 462-5959 to discuss your restoration goals.


Cadillac Restoration Season

For many who don’t live in warmer climes, late autumn is when the classic cars are garaged and put away until the return of warmer weather. However, while the old Cadillac is forgotten while holiday preparations begin, a decades old car is likely in need of maintenance and repair.

Winter is the perfect time to send your Cadillac away and let the experts at Cadillac PartsCadillac Restoration logo & Restoration play (so to speak) and give your classic some much needed “CPR”. From your car’s belts, hoses and brakes to pesky carburetor issues to decaying seals and leaky gaskets can all be addressed rather than letting her hibernate in your garage.

More serious issues like engine ticks and balky transmissions would benefit from the downtime with repair or rebuilds and while that power train is out of the engine compartment there is no better time to have that bay refreshed, or even fully restored. You’ll not only gain more enjoyment while driving but you’ll also impress the most finicky classic car connoisseurs when you pop that hood.

Full, frame off Cadillac restoration is CPR’s specialty but each year our craftsmen

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz: restoration by CPR

CPR restoration: 1959 Cadillac

perform partial restoration and maintenance/repair work on many vintage Cadillacs.  Since 1984, when FEN Enterprises was formed, their team has served the classic Cadillac restoration community and they’ve produced some of the world’s finest examples of restored Cadillacs.

CPR’s expansive body of work includes A.A.C.A. and Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National First Place winners and many Concours d’Elegance winning classics. But whether you desire a pristine show car, or just want to get your vehicle driving nicely, our conveniently located location in New York’s Hudson Valley is a must visit.

If you’re ready to discuss your restoration or repair/maintenance goals, give us a call at (845) 462-5959. We’ve had the same telephone number for thirty years and will be glad to speak with you.


1961 Cadillac Restoration Projects

Cadillac Enters a New Era

As the Harley Earl era came to an end with the flamboyant design of the 1959 Cadillac models, so did an era prioritizing design over cost. A declining economy coupled with automakers’ increasing focus on moderating manufacturing costs led to a scaling down of over-the-top design features exemplified by the audacious tail fins of the 1959 Cadillacs.

For 1960 General Motors models, tail fins were scaled down and that trend continued with the planning for 1961 vehicles. While the outlandish design cues were fewer, the opulent luxury Cadillac was known for remained. The Clark Street factory in Detroit produced just over 138,000 vehicles in various series and trim levels. Of those, 16,800 were the Series 62 convertibles and just 1,450 of the more deluxe Eldorado Biarritz drop-tops rolled out of the assembly plant doors.

1961 Cadillac Restoration Projects Now More Popular

While Cadillacs of this era satisfied luxury car buyers desires, evolving design trends and a looming fuel crisis shifted buyer demand away from desire and more towards practicality. Few car owners of the day concerned themselves with a vehicle’s future collectibility  and investment value, so many models, even those with low-production numbers, eventually rusted away in a field or ended their existence during a ‘date’ with an auto wrecker.

Until recently, the classic car community maintained a love affair with various models of the 1950s. While this popularity has resulted in many of these classics being restored to driver/show condition, the demand for sixties-era cars lagged.

At some point, an inability to source existing and restorable specimens of low-production vehicles, convertible Cadillacs are a good example, resulted in higher interest in cars produced in the 1960s. Many who couldn’t find an already highly collectible and expensive to restore 1959 or 1960 Cadillac simply moved on to easier to find, and restore, early-sixties models.

Today, automobile restoration shops are seeing a surge in early-sixties Cadillacs and the 1961 model year is prominent among them. Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR) has served the Cadillac restoration community since 1984 and the formation of FEN Enterprises. Their team has long been recognized as among the world’s finest Cadillac restoration specialists and have produced dozens of award-winning 1959 and 1960 Cadillacs.

“With restorable ’59s and ’60s becoming more difficult to obtain, we’re seeing greater interest in 1961 Cadillacs,” said Elsa Mauer, owner/President of CPR. “Our work quality is second to none but we’re a relatively low-volume restorer, however, in the past two years we’ve completed two beautiful ’61 Cadillac restoration projects.”

Mauer continued, “The 1961 and 1962 Cadillacs continued the brand’s tradition of luxury but did so with a sleeker, slimmed-down body style. While not as brash as fifties models, they represented a new era of styling from the General Motors’ designers.”

CPR’s 1961 Cadillac restoration projects are quite impressive. In 2015, they completed a stunning Eldorado Biarritz that was shipped halfway around the world to its owner in Australia.

Not long after that classic shipped out they began work on a challenging 1961 Cadillac

1961 Cadillac restoration

1961 Cadillac restored by CPR

Series 62 convertible for the President of General Motors. The car held significant sentimental value to its owner who didn’t store it away, but instead, drove it frequently.

It was a difficult restoration, primarily due to the condition of the car when it arrived. However, when completed it won First Place awards in both the prestigious 2016 and 2017 Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National Meets.

Along with the 1961 models, Cadillacs from 1961 through 1964 are also growing in popularity and becoming more collectible. For evidence of this just take a look at car show fields around the country. While Cadillacs of the fifties remain the King of the Hill for collectors, models from the sixties have yet to reach the height of their popularity.

Cadillac Parts & Restoration is in Poughkeepsie, NY and conveniently located to those traveling from the New York City area and New England/points north. They’ve had the same telephone number for over thirty years and can be reached at (845) 462-5959. Interested parties can also view their website at


Article: Luxury, Tail Fins and the 1959 Cadillac

See below for an interesting article found on Medium about the 1959 Cadillac, luxury and tail fins of the Fabulous Fifties.

The “Fabulous Fifties”

The 1950s were a golden-age for American cars. The build-out of highways and birth of the Interstate highway system later in the decade opened the nation to automobile travel and an expanding post-World War Two economy spurred a boom in automobile sales.

Greater affluence resulted in a corresponding desire for luxury and, as the nation’s premier luxury automaker, Cadillac and its legendary designer Harley Earl responded.
(Read more – 1959 Cadillac article)

1959 Cadillac magazine cover



1955 Cadillac Eldorado

1955 Cadillac Eldorado Restoration

Through the many years the Cadillac Parts & Restoration (CPR/FEN Enterprises) team has

"Bad Girl" 1955 Cadillac Eldorado restoration

1955 Cadillac Eldorado restoration

been in business they’ve restored/maintained/supplied parts for thousands of classic cars. But long before their reputation became international, they began work on their own 1955 Cadillac Eldorado.

Their story began as a small mail-order parts and supply business operating out of a spare room in their house. Little did they know that the niche business would soon expand into a full restoration shop in a brand-new building.

Like most classic car projects, the 1955 Cadillac Eldorado restoration was expected to present challenges. However, like what happens with some projects, the condition of the vehicle along with the rarity of some of its dealer-installed options led to a tougher than anticipated job. While the final result was an award-winning stunner, she was affectionately

1955 Cadillac restoration
“Bad Girl” 1955 Cadillac Eldorado

named “Bad Girl” in honor of the problems she presented.

“Bad Girl” went on to become perhaps the best-known 1955 Cadillac on the planet when she was selected by the Rolling Stones for a feature-role in the kickoff of their Bridges to Babylon world tour. The entire Brooklyn Bridge was closed down while Mick Jagger chauffuered his bandmates over the bridge in the red beauty while being televised live internationally on MTV.

The event’s publicity catapulted awareness of the FEN Enterprises name and resulted in a wave of publicity for the Cadillac restoration specialists.  While they’ve gone on to produce many of the world’s finest examples of restored classic Cadillacs perhaps the only moment that matched the excitement of the Rolling Stones event was at the awards banquet of the prestigious 2015 Cadillac & LaSalle Club Grand National Meet when they accepted the Best in Show trophy for their stunning 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville.

Although the name has changed, the CPR team continues its tradition of award-winning classic Cadillac restoration work. Their new facility is in Poughkeepsie, NY, right in the Cadillac Restoration logomiddle of the state’s historic Hudson Valley region and is easily accesible by plain, train and automobile. So, if you’re a classic car owner (yes, they restore all makes and models) give them a call at (845) 462-5959. They’ve has the same telephone number for over thirty years and will be happy to discuss your project and goals. To learn more, visit their website:



Classic Cadillac Resources

Founded from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company in 1902, Cadillac’s history is


1936 Cadillac restored by CPR

extensive and filled with innovations that set trends for the rest of the automotive industry. With its status as America’s premier luxury automaker and limited production numbers compared to other manufacturers, vintage Cadillacs remain among the most-desired vehicles in the collector car market.

The classic Cadillac community is not inconsiderable members take pride not only in their extensive knowledge but also in sharing their wisdom with others. The Cadillac & LaSalle Club is dedicated to the preservation of all things Cadillac and has chapters and members around the world.

Their website is full of information and members gain access to a wealth of expertise and advice. In addition, their national and international chapters hold many events where you can meet others who share a passion for the Cadillac brand.

Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors (GM), maintains an extensive database of historical information related to Cadillac and other GM makes and models. Their General Motors Heritage Center should be among the first places an owner of a vintage GM


Cadillac Parts & Restoration

model should turn when seeking data about their classic car.

When it comes to restoring your classic car, you only need reach out to the experts at Cadillac Parts & Restoration. Located in the beautiful mid-Hudson region of New York State, their new Poughkeepsie restoration facility is conveniently located to regional rail and interstate highways making CPR easily accessible to those in the NYC-metro area as well as New England.

The Cadillac Parts & Restoration team has been serving the classic car community since 1984 with the formation of FEN Enterprises. Their renowned reputation is well-earned as they’ve produced some of the world’s finest restored Cadillacs.  So give them a call at (845) 462-5959. They’ve had the same telephone number for thirty years and will be glad to discuss your restoration project and goals.